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Renowned speaker, educator, author, coach, and activist Eric Bailey is rising to international prominence by delivering high-energy, motivating, inspiring, and thought-provoking presentations that lead to resultproducing actions and accountability.

Eric's firsthand experience on living up to one's full potential and activating inner passion, drive, and awesomeness is his trademark. Known for his engagingly personal approach, his dynamic and inspiring messages have helped over 3 million people in over 10 countries craft a vision for themselves and their future.


" I really enjoyed this morning motivational talk by Eric Bailey at my son's school, St. Ita's School Dutton Park Eric is truly inspirational and such a great mentor for kids and adults! What an amazing man and message he shared with us all this morning. Funny and sensitive. "

St. Ita's School, Dutton Park, Brisbane

" Hi Eric, My daughter goes to Redcliffe SHS and you recently spoke there. When I picked her up from school she had a look of astonishment and was just so excited. She is so shy and unmotivated all of the time. She said the "tall black man has changed her life forever.Can't wait for him to hear you speak. Thank you again. "

Gail Redcliffe SHS, Redcliffe

" Hey Eric! My daughter goes to St Mary's College in Ipswich and she came home today all buzzy about this great speaker "Eric Bailey" and then I realised "I know that guy!!" days??? Anyways, just wanted to say hi. Looks like you're doing good things - the excitement Jazz came home today with is a good indication! "

James, Indooroopikkt State High School, Brisbane

" Hey, I would just like to say a massive thank you to Eric Bailey for coming to our school 2 weeks ago to talk to us. He really inspired me to focus, concentrate and be committed. Ever since the speech I've been up every morning running, have not missed one training session for my swimming. "

Kayla Cameron

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The Key way Lifestyle Program

Eric works with high school students through the issues of peer pressure, self esteem, drugs, underage drinking, and all of the life choices that  can create a positive outcome in life!

Testamonial New Zealand Youth Summit 

Eric Bailey Motivational Speaker with over 2 million in attendance since 1997. Testamonial from Auckland, New Zealand Feb 17, 2011. 21st Century Academy Education for Life. Eric has a huge youth and corporate following throughout the world.

Unleash Your Students Greatness Today!

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